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Richmond BC, V6X 3M1

《品位》雜誌(Taste of Life) 是專門為加拿大華人製作的關於時尚、生活及文化方面的品位指南,也是加拿大第一份中英雙語的高端雜誌。




Taste of Life

莊生曉夢猶未醒  何間化蝶舞清靈

paisley sleeveless dress
Michael Kors $7,995
At Holt Renfrew


月夜春山靜  花聞鳥鳴澗

Studs and embroidered flowers
fit-and-flare dress
Oscar de la Renta $5,615
At Holt Renfrew


幽蘭不爭群芳豔  空谷自有暗香來

One-shouldered, embroidered silk dress
Marchesa $3,950
At Holt Renfrew


踏雪尋梅千百度  可見伊人闌珊處 

Wool knit dress $4,125
Wool coat $3,575
Circle cross cuff $1,850
Necklace $2,457
from Chanel,

Photographer: Andy Long Hoang / Stylist: Tinashe Musara / Hair & Makeup: Sophie Parrot / Model: Alina Fang / Location: Timbercreek / Management (Mosaique)